Sheer Thong Bikini

If you think being a beach babe whose hotness can be at par with the summer heat is something unattainable for you, then you have not had a beach holiday in a sheer thong bikini. Thongs are designed to expose the buttocks for even tanning. Sheer varieties of thong swimwear take this feature further by revealing all the other parts of the body, even those which are supposed to be covered by bikini fabric.

Sheer swimwear items, including thongs, are usually made of Lycra or nylon. These materials provide coverage to the body parts they are meant to cover, but they become see-through when they are wet. Simply put, once you take a shower or take a plunge into the pool or the sea in your sheer bottoms, your body will be left completely exposed to the naked eye, even with your swimsuit on. They become like regular covers again after drying up. This stylish blend of coverage and exposure, mixed with a unique tease that only such swimsuits can give is one of the hottest beachwear options for hot and daring women who are in for tanning and beauty exposure.

A little bit of history

Thongs were first introduced into the world of swimwear fashion in the 1970s when Rudi Gernreich experimented on bottomless swimwear. The thong, which drew inspiration from traditional costumes of Amazonian and other tropical tribes, was developed when Gernreich decided to develop bottomless bikinis after observing that his topless bikinis (monokinis) did not last long in the market. The resulting bathing suit design is one wherein the bottom provides coverage only to the crotch area.  The buttocks are left uncovered.

Thong swimsuits, including sheer varieties, come in different styles. You can actually mix these bottoms with any top, be it a string type, bandeau style or tube top, halter, tank, triangle, or even tear drop top. These bottoms usually have small fabric covering for the crotch area and thin fabric strips around the waist or hips and between the butt cheeks to hold this piece of cloth in place.

Like regular bathing suits, semi-transparent types are also ideal for tanning and sunbathing. Since they leave the buttocks uncovered, you do not have to worry about tanning lines. Also, the kind of fabric or material used in these pieces allow sunlight to pass through, thus minimizing the tendency of leaving tanning marks after your exposure to the sun.