Sheer Micro Bikinis

Feel your head-to-toe beauty radiate and make the beaches sizzle with your hot and sexy body with the help of sheer micro bikinis. Especially made for the hot and daring, this type of swimwear conceals skin and body parts next to nothing. By replacing the tiny pieces of fabric intended to cover some parts of the breasts, crotch area, and buttocks with materials that become transparent when wet, whatever is left for the imagination is something to ponder on.

A set of teensy-weensy bikinis is usually composed of a micro top and a thong. The tiny top is made of two triangular pieces of fabric smaller than those of a regular string top. These tiny pieces of fabric are held in place by strings tied across the chest and around the neck, just like a regular string bikini. Because these fabric covers are so small and the strings holding them are not that strong, this type of bikini works better with women who have more slender bodies and busts that do not need that much support.

The bottom is made of a small piece of fabric to cover the crotch and a smaller piece of fabric for the rear part. Instead of fabrics usually used in swimwear, the fabric covers of sheer swimsuits are made from materials that provide semi-transparent qualities to the swimwear. They have skin tone linings to provide the illusion of skin exposure. They look like regular beachwear when dry, but they expose the body when they are wet.

How to look good in a sexy swimwear

Since these bathing suits are a special type of swimwear, you might need to have some preparations before actually wearing them in public. Do not forget to undergo wax treatment. Get rid of those unwanted hair, especially those which are not pleasing to look at. Now that you intend to wear your bathing suit, and a sheer one at that, then better make everything perfect. Do not forget to wear sunblock to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and most importantly, wear your outfit with confidence.

Proper care and maintenance

After wearing it on the beach, rinse it out immediately on the sink. Too much exposure to the sun, salt from the sea water, the sand, dirt, sweat, and other elements can cause your beachwear to easily wear and tear. Wash it with your hands and use liquid detergent. Who knows what might happen to them if you let the washing machine deal with them.