Sheer Bikini

If you feel like being outrageously sexy and daring on your summer beach holiday, try wearing a sheer bikini. They are among the best options for you if you feel the daring spirit creeping into your system but you do not want to go “all the way” just to add a little tease. Still leaving a little “something” to the imagination, sheer swimsuits and micro bikinis alike are just the right kind of swimming outfit for that sizzling beach summer get-up that you have always been aiming for.

sheer bikini


These bikinis can also be considered as semi-transparent bathing suits. The materials used in making them provide an illusion of body exposure with the use of skin tone or nude color lining that tightly wraps onto the skin. Usually, these swimsuits are made of very thin Lycra, a material that has open weaves to allow sunlight to pass through. This Lycra mechanism makes such beachwear ideal for sunbathing and tanning. Because it provides blocking against the sun, the skin gets to absorb as much sunlight that you want it to absorb to get that golden tan you intend to achieve.

Styles and colors

These daring pieces come in different styles and colors for different body types and skin tones. There are semi-transparent string two-piece swimsuits, thongs, bandeau type, and many others. Some are really daring, looking almost invisible, while others rely on net-like materials to provide that kind of tease unique only to these skimpy bathing suits.

TeenyB Bikinis

Like a see-through bikini, a semi-transparent swimsuit also allows the wearer to experience a unique feeling of being very sexy and gorgeous. It allows a woman to flaunt her assets and show off her beautiful skin and body for that terrific boost in self-esteem. However, be reminded that this goes only to those who really have the guts and the appropriate body type.

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Some swimsuits are made of materials that do not look sheer or see-through when dry. It is only when they are wet that they reveal their very sexy nature and expose the body of the wearer. In deciding whether this type of swimwear is appropriate for you, carefully consider your body type and the place where you are going to wear it. Some swimming venues forbid the use of sheer tops and bottoms. Also, assess yourself and check if you really have the guts to wear them. If you detect even a tiny tinge of hesitation, better not try wearing it in public yet. Wait until you are really up to it.